"Every month, #Sweatworking rolls around a few times, allowing us to rope you in to try new things and meet new people. In July, we filled the schedule with opportunities to sweat together and we’ve had a lot of fun trying combos of some of our favorite activities. July 21 was no exception..."

Megaformer Madness: Why This Workout Might be Right for You

"From the second Cheri Byrd hit the Megaformer Machine, she was hooked. She took advantage of every opportunity possible to take classes, leading her to Lagree studios across the country. Cheri’s love affair with the Megaformer ultimately brought her to open her own studio, CHI50, in spring of 2016 in the heart of Bucktown..."



"It’s rare I talk about fitness and diet on my blog. Let’s be real: if you’ve read any of my travel blogs, you know that I’m a huge proponent for indulging because, well, YOLO..."


"You guys, I’m jazzed about today’s post. As your resident fitness expert, it’s kinda my job to be questionably obsessed with fitness and health trends, so finding people who are even more passionate about fitness than me… well, those are the ones who keep me inspired..."

Women's Health: The Active Girl’s Guide To Chicago

Windy City's must-visit spots for all fit-foodie adventurers...

CHI50 Opens Bringing Reformer Lagree to Bucktown

"Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood has a distinct character and a creative heart, so when a studio like Chi50 plants its roots adjacent to the neighborhood’s lifeline – the 606 – it needs to represent that in everything it does..."

Sweat Equity

"No matter your workout choice, there are a plethora of new spots where you can lengthen and straighten or tighten or tone before the big day..."

7 Tips for Crushing Your Next Megaformer Workout

7 Tips for Crushing Your Next Megaformer Workout

"There’s no getting around it: The Megaformer in classes like SLT, CHI50, and The Studio MDR looks like a medieval torture device.

With a combo of muscle-quivering springs, pulleys, and hanging straps, the machine is the key component of the Lagree Fitness Method developed by Sebastian Lagree, according to the company's website."


Fitness Studio From Lululemon Expat By Bucktown '606' Park

"Byrd described CHI50 classes as "an extremely effective workout in a supportive environment" and says the Lagree method can be modified to make it approachable to someone who is new to the class or just starting to work out. To stay updated, visit CHI50's Facebook page..."

Here's Something Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Michelle Obama Have in Common: Their Workouts

"There’s a workout craze sweeping America—and while you might not have known it existed, celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and even First Lady Michelle Obama have been onto it for years now. It’s calledLagree Fitness, or as many like to call it: Pilates on steroids..."

10 Best Fitness Classes for Runners

Get stronger, prevent injuries, and have more fun by mixing these group workouts into your running routine.

Sofia Vergara sizzles in Shape, reveals her workout motto: 'No pain, no cake!'

"Sofia Vergara would likely be recruited into just about anyone's modern family.The 42-year-old actress is not only the highest paid on television with the hit ABC series she stars in, but she's also quite the looker.Still, it's not a magic fairy who waves a wand of beautiful, curvaceous excellence over Vergara that keeps her fit physique in shape. Instead it's her "Modern Family" co-star Julie Bowen..."

What do scrambled eggs, mermaids and snakes have in common? They're part of a series of 60 second fitness moves that promise to have you shaking, sweating and stronger than ever.

"Standing outside, you can hear a beat resonating through the ground. Neighboured by a hip-hop vinyl shop and an English Language school, a sign in the entryway reads, “You have what it takes.” You walk through the front door and down a flight of stairs; the music increases tenfold.Once you enter, reassuring smiles from the front desk staff put you at ease—briefly—until you see the 10 megaformers. Each resembles a modern version of a medieval torture rack, and they span the length of the monochromatic studio..."